Ryan Murphy And Perez Hilton Aren’t Done Whining

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You thought I was done with this story didn’t you? Haha, fooled you! A team of ghostwriters because Perez is too busy kissing ass and starfucking report:

When creator Ryan Murphy was asked how he felt about Kings of Leon’s rejection to his invitation to cover their music on the show, Ryan unapologetically rehashed his disappointment with the band’s ignorance to arts education. If that isn’t the most glaring example of homophobia, we don’t know what is. We’re appalled. We also have Ryan’s response to Mr. Followill, in an exclusive email he sent to us just moments ago. Take a look, Nathan. This is how an upstanding gentlemen handles your kind of behavior. Ryan tells us:

“Just read Nathan Followill’s Tweet…in which he implied I should ‘get a manicure and buy a bra.’ Wow. That’s a homophobe badly in need of some education. I’m all for manicures, don’t wear a bra. Would guess most gay dudes don’t. But it’s telling that Nathan can reduce a group of people to a mean-spirited cliché, in a time where young gay men are killing themselves all over the country because of hatred like this.”

That said, I would love to sit down with Nathan or any member of Kings and Leon, and tell them how on Glee we actually love their music, and support their artistry…but cannot condone or even laugh at their clear disdain of gay people. ” Neither can we! We’re shocked those cruel, stereotypical thoughts even crossed his mind, let alone made it onto the Internet. Shame on you, Nathan.

Ryan Murphy can continue to wrap himself in his bedazzled flag of “I’m fighting against ignorance to arts education” if he wants, but in reality, this asshole got told no, and he lost it. And when Nathan Followill called his ass out on it, he did what all good gay drama queens do: He immediately cried homophobe and passive aggressively martyred himself as the persecuted victim. And of course, Perez Hilton sent an email to his ghostwriters while he was picking up Lady Gaga’s dry cleaning to tell them to jump on the sanctimonious double standard train as well. But unlike Nathan Followill, I don’t apologize. Mostly because I give not a fuck. On the other hand, I do give a fuck about someone telling me that I have a disdain for gay people and how they are shocked by “cruel, stereotypical thoughts”, when that same person posted THIS. A post about a person who Perez viciously outed, and when it was mentioned that he may have gone too far, Perez replied, “And if I have to drag some people screaming out of the closet, then I will.” Oh, let’s not also forget the time Perez got his ass beat by Will.i.am.’s bodyguard then called him “Will.i.am a fag”. You know, but not before he tweeted like a little bitch asking his followers to call the police. Look, if you want to draw cocks and cum on people’s faces one day, don’t come to me with your righteous indignation and act like you’re all above it the next. And if you have a show that turns every song into a show tune, don’t clench your butt plug every time an artist has the audacity to say no. Instead, do us all a favor. Take a Xanax and stop posing for a picture that nobody is fucking taking. Thanks.