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Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane had their first child together last week, and not that I really care, but they are Hollywood actors, so you would expect them to name their daughter Boba Fett Sunshine or Aircraft Moonblood Seven. They didn’t. Her name is Billie. Us Magazine reports:

During an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dane said that they had decided on a name for their daughter, but “Rebecca wants to wait until she sees her before we give her the name.” The actor promised it wouldn’t be a quirky celeb baby name. “We went straight down the middle with this one.”…”Mother, father and daughter are doing great,” the rep had said.

Billie Gayheart sounds like a gay freedom fighter who leads a resistance against those who wear white after Labor Day, but whatever. I’m just glad mother, father, and daughter are doing great. By the way, you know who isn’t doing great? Jorge Cruz, Jr., the 9-year old boy who Gayheart hit with her car and killed while she was talking on her cell phone. “Remember those two little girls in The Shining? Dude, it’s gonna be way worse that. Hold on to your fucking hat,” Cruz’s ghost was quoted as saying after he heard the happy news.


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