Leona Lewis Got Slapped

I barely know who Leona Lewis is, I know she’s supposed to be the next Mariah Carey and she won some contest in 2006, but enough of my vast knowledge of British singers – she got slapped at her book signing. BBC News reports:

Lewis, who won the X Factor in 2006, was signing copies of her new autobiography, Dreams, which is due to be released next month. One fan at the scene told the BBC: “My brother saw the whole incident. He [the attacker] walked up there with the book, she signed it and, as she looked up, he just punched her. “He [my brother] actually heard the impact.” Another eyewitness added: “She was running out with her hand over her eye and I just saw a man on the floor. “Suddenly the security all jumped on him and they were trying to pull him out and he was just laughing, he thought it was funny.” Lewis’s spokesman said: “Leona was a victim of an unprovoked attack this afternoon at her book singing. “The police were called immediately and medical attention has been sought. “Leona’s understandably badly shaken and apologises to the fans she was unable to meet and complete signings for.” Waterstones added: “We take security at our book signings extremely seriously and this is the first time anything of this nature has happened.

So, either this book is really bad or this guy may need to double his dosage. Either way, what’s with all the violence? When girls ask me to sign their vaginas when I’m done, nobody’s looking to get the police involved. Drama like that is totally unnecessary.


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