David Carradine Hanged Himself, And His Balls

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: I took the liberty of adding this to urbandictionary.

David Carradine, 72, star of Kung Fu and Kill Bill, was found dead in a Bangkok hotel room closet with….wait for it…a rope tied around his neck and genitals. Umm…uhh…BBC UK reports:

Thai police told the BBC the 72-year-old was found by a hotel maid sitting in a wardrobe with a rope around his neck and genitals on Thursday morning. The US star was in Thailand filming his latest film Stretch, according to his personal manager Chuck Binder. Mr Binder said the news was “shocking”, adding: “He was full of life, always wanting to work… a great person.”

I don’t even want to begin to think about how he died, because masturbation is a sacred art form. I don’t want to brag, but I’ve won several awards and been profiled in many medical journals. Stuff like this just gives the sport a bad name in my opinion.

UPDATE: It appears they changed the wording of the article. I guess out of respect for his balls:

Thai police told the BBC the 72-year-old was found naked by a hotel maid in a wardrobe with a cord around his neck and other parts of his body.


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