Debbie Gibson Has a Stalker

’80s teen pop star, Debbie Gibson filed a restraining order against Bassas Jorge Puigdollers, a 44 year old Spanish cab driver who runs her fan club, after he showed up at her Los Angeles home several times last week and wouldn’t leave. Gibson, who says Puigdollers has written her letters and attended her concerts all over the country for the last six years, has asked the court that Puigdollers not be allowed to attend her concerts and be ordered to stay 100 yards away from her person. Yahoo! says:

Gibson claimed Puigdollers has attended all of her “nationwide performances” since 2002, where he often tries to go backstage to see her and get autographs. He also follows her to her hotel room, according to court papers. When Puigdollers came to the front door of the Gibson’s Los Angeles home Sunday, the 1980s pop star called police “for fear of my life,” she wrote in court documents.”

I’m not sure about the whole “fear of my life” part, because I can’t seem to shake the feeling that all this guy really wanted to do was sniff her panties and jerk off in her coffee grounds. Unless this guy’s semen becomes a mutant virus when exposed to oxygen, I’m guessing Debbie Gibson is pretty safe.


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