Heath Ledger Had Drugs

Hours after Heath Ledger’s autopsy was announced as inconclusive, new reports are coming in that police found narcotics in Heath’s apartment. WCBSTV reports:

Sources close to the investigation tell CBS 2’s Investigative Reporter Scott Weinberger that along with the prescription drugs that were found in the apartment, police also recovered a $20 bill with narcotic residue on it. Sources add they also found several drug packets containing an unknown substance. CBS 2 has learned these items were all listed on the official police report from the scene. To be clear, it’s still unknown whether these items belonged to Ledger or whether he even actually ingested them.”

They continue…

Police sources Wednesday offered strong evidence of that theory to CBS 2, saying bottles of the prescription anxiety drugs Valium and Zoloft, along with the prescription sleeping medication Ambien were all found inside Ledger’s $24,000 a month, three-bedroom SoHo loft. Police confirmed that bottles of prescription drugs belonging to Ledger were taken from the apartment.”

Whatever. I’m not buying this. Heath Ledger on drugs? Psshht. Ask yourself, Mr. Weinberger, if he was on drugs, where are the receipts? Uh huh, that’s right. You sit and think about that.

Update (1:00 p.m. Pacific): Following a press conference with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly today, the story is as follows:

NEW YORK (AP) – A rolled-up $20 bill was found near Heath Ledger’s body, though no illegal drugs were found in his apartment, police said Wednesday – the same day an autopsy on the “Brokeback Mountain” actor came back inconclusive. The bill would be taken to a lab for testing, though no visible drug residue was found on it, police said. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly released the information at a Manhattan news conference, but did not elaborate on whether police think the bill may have been used to ingest drugs. Meanwhile, authorities said the autopsy on Heath Ledger was inconclusive and that it would take about 10 days to determine a definitive cause of death for the “Brokeback Mountain” actor, whose fans remembered him Wednesday by leaving flowers and candles outside his Manhattan apartment.”

Heath on the set of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus on January 18th:


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