The Spice Girls Will Tour, Won’t Sing

The Spice Girls reunion tour is going to be a spectacular concert experience with an incredible light show, hot costume changes and fresh dance moves. Just don’t expect any real singing. The Daily Mall reports:

They were as loud, proud and opinionated as ever. In fact there was only one moment when the reunited Spice Girls didn’t have that much to say. It was when the Daily Mail suggested they might like to sing a song. Giving their best girl power glare, they refused to take the chance to silence claims that their voices are to be digitally enhanced at their concerts. “We don’t need to prove anything. We have nothing to prove. Come and see the show if you want to see us sing,” they replied. Then one added for good measure: “We don’t like your tie.”

Man, what a complete shock. Ten years ago no one cared because it was five hot chicks with big boobs in tight skirts, now it’s just a bunch of thirty-something housewives on one-a-day vitamins. Sexiest concert ever? Oh baby you better believe it!


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