Edward Norton is The Incredible Hulk

In the sequel to director Ang Lee’s abysmal Hulk, Edward Norton has been cast as the emotionally-suppressed scientist turned raging beast, Dr. Bruce Banner, in the upcoming Marvel Studios release, The Incredible Hulk. The film, which is set to more action-filled than its predecessor, follows Banner as he tried to avoid capture and find a cure for his condition. Marvel Studios production president Kevin Feige said:

Edward Norton is a rare talent and one of the most versatile actors in the business. His ability to transform into a particular role makes him the ideal choice to take on the character of Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Edward is perfectly suited to bring one of the most popular and important Marvel icons to the big screen in a new and exciting way.”

I guess this is good casting, but I’m just glad Ang Lee is no where near this. When it comes to gay cowboys he’s like Midas, but 10 feet tall super heroes? Not so much. I mean, how do you fuck up The Hulk? He’s The Hulk. He gets mad, he breaks stuff. That’s it. Yet, Ang Lee gave me two hours of people talking about their feelings and psychoanalyzing the nature of man. Yay!

Edward Norton with Jessica Biel last year at The Illusionist premiere – a good excuse to post Jessica Biel pictures:


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