The Fight Over Anna Nicole’s Body is On

Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern, Dannielynn’s guardian and Anna Nicole’s mother, Virgie Arthur, arrived in a Broward County courtroom 9:37 am EST this morning to determine the final resting place of Anna Nicole Smith, whose body has been in a Florida morgue since her death. Highlights of the trial include:

* In the most bizarre scene so far, Judge Larry Seidlin asked Howard K. Stern to to write Dannielynn’s name on an easel under the word “daughter.”

* Stern’s lawyer Krista Barth told Judge Seidlin that Deb Opri, Larry Birkhead’s lawyer, accused Stern of killing Anna Nicole Smith during the proceedings this morning. They were sitting a few feet apart when the incident occurred. While Barth was speaking to the judge, Stern “glared for several moments in the direction of Opri and Birkhead.”

* Howard K. Stern took the witness stand at approximately 12:15 pm EST. He stated they became intimate over two years ago and decided to keep the relationship a secret. Of Anna he said, “We became more than friends, she was my whole world, everything to me. She was my lover.” Of Daniel, Anna’s son: “Daniel Smith was “like a brother” to him, and that “Daniel was a great boy and a wonderful wonderful person.”

* Stern claims that Smith wanted to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe but it was too expensive. He also said that she felt that she would die young. Specifically, die while giving birth to Dannielynn.

* Anna Nicole Smith attempted to crawl into Daniel’s coffin at his funeral.

God, the day isn’t even half over and this thing is already insane. Nothing can surprise me anymore. If Anna Nicole Smith burst through the courtroom door and screams, “Your honor, it’s all a lie!”, I’d almost be expecting that.

Click here to see the live feed of the trial.

Note: Court recessed for lunch at 1:00pm EST. It will resume at 2:30pm EST.