Beyonce Sucks

Despite it being hailed as Beyonce Knowles’ movie star-making vehicle, American Idol castoff Jennifer Hudson continues to receive critical acclaim for her role as Effie in the upcoming film, Dreamgirls. Beyonce on the other hand, well, um…yeah:

The weakest link is the stunning Knowles. The camera clearly loves her, and her singing is not in contention, but as an actress, she has a vapid quality. Despite the array of dazzling fashion ensembles, and the effort to channel Diana Ross, her performance remains one-note, particularly in contrast to Hudson’s nuanced portrayal.”

Please keep in mind that the studio is only promoting Beyonce for consideration for all Best Actress nominations, relegating Jennifer Hudson to Best Supporting Actress by the strength of her performance alone. According to some Hollywood insiders, they believe Hudson is mortal lock to win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. They also believe Beyonce is a mortal lock to cry herself to sleep or to sit in a burning pentagram with a Jennifer Hudson voodoo doll.

Beyonce at the Dreamgirls premiere:



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