Cameron Diaz is Justified

According to reports, Cameron Diaz is close to a settlement in her $30 million lawsuit against The National Enquirer. The tabloid published a story claiming that Diaz cheated on Justin Timberlake with Shane Nickerson, the married producer of her MTV “reality” show, Trippin’.

Diaz immediately sued for slander and libel, accusing the tabloid of turning “an innocent, insignificant and non-memorable occurrence involving two co-workers and friends (into) a sensationalistic, scandalous and accusatory story which was completely false.”

You know, it’s easy for a tabloid to get the wrong idea when they have pictures of Diaz in an overtly sexual embrace with a married man. But instead of laughing it off and honored that people still care about her, Cameron decides to sue for $30 million. Well, I guess you can’t blame her. No way she’s going to let somebody give Justin Timberlake more reasons to dump her. Justin has the #4 album in the country, she hasn’t made a decent movie in years. Justin looks like a J. Crew model, she looks like one of the people under the stairs. She would put a plastic bag over a kitten’s head if she thought it would talk to Justin behind her back. I could go on, but I think the fact that I wish Cameron Diaz would get attacked by a bear is pretty much established at this point.

Cameron Diaz after hours of hair and makeup on October 17th:



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