Jaime Pressly is Getting Married

Jaime Pressly is set to marry her DJ boyfriend of one year, Eric Cubiche, after he proposed on Tuesday. US Weekly reports:

Jaime is officially engaged,” says Pressly publicist Megan Pope. Pressly received the ring yesterday, October 17. The ring, which was designed by the couple, is from Beverly Hills jewelry store XIV Karats and according to a source close to Jaime, “it’s gorgeous!”

The couple reportedly have been best friends for nine years. Nice. They were so close and so inseparable, I’ve never heard of him until just now. The only thing I know about this guy is that he apparently really likes dance music and his best friend is a girl. Not exactly sure how all that works where he lives, but where Jaime’s from, he would be killed then brought back to life just so they can try the other guy’s idea.

My Name is Earl Season 2 promo pics:


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