How Does it Feel To Link Me Like You Do

Caption Contest Update:

The winner of the Jessica Simpson “This Thing is Begging For a Caption” contest is Christine H. with the following entry:

A face only a father could love.

Honorable mentions:

“Dad, have you been eating asparagus again?” – Diet Cokehead

“Too stuffed to shut.” – Lisa

“Can you guess which Jackass star’s condom Jessica is choking on now?” – Kevin K.

“A moment on the lips keeps daddy off my hips.” – Jason W.

“I think I bit my lisp.” – Rob M.

“Jessica Simpson’s test shot for ‘The Ringer 2′” – Benjamin T.

Congratulations to Christine and thanks to everyone who entered. We had over 600 entries, so it was hell to go through all of those. Thanks for making our lives hell. Keep an eye out for more contests coming very soon!


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