Lindsay Lohan Had a Plan

Contrary to a statement made by her publicist that she and Harry Morton are still together, it turns out that Lindsay Lohan was indeed dumped by Harry Morton last Thursday. However, over the weekend, Lohan schemed a plot to win Harry back by trying to make him jealous, and at the same time, pissing off Paris Hilton. Page Six reports:

The devious redhead was overheard calling Hilton’s ex-love Stavros Niarchos on Saturday to ask for help in getting her revenge. According to our earwitness, Lohan told Niarchos, “No one can know I got dumped . . . You will look like a total stud, and it will drive Paris crazy [if we hang out together].”… And so the pair appeared Sunday at Dragonfly in L.A. “where they held hands and made out all night and then drove in separate cars back to [Lohan’s] suite at the Chateau.”

How has Harry responded?

…Morton hasn’t swallowed the bait…”She was just too much for him…That, and she was extremely jealous and would harass him with texts, e-mails and phone calls constantly.”

I’m not sure how this didn’t work, because everyone knows that any plan involving Paris Hilton is guaranteed to be one of the greatest ideas ever. Just like giving a baby a beer or bombing Pearl Harbor.

Lohan on September 23rd:


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