Elle MacPherson Wants Her Body Back

Since Time magazine dubbed her “The Body” in a 1986 cover story and she markets her own skin-care line, “Elle Macpherson The Body,” along with a lingerie brand and a fitness video titled “The Body Workout,” Elle MacPherson is upset that Heidi Klum has taken the moniker for herself for Victoria’s Secret ad campaign for “The Body” bra.

We saw that and were like, Oh my god!” Elle Macpherson Intimates spokeswoman Melissa Edwards told Lowdown yesterday. “We were initially flabbergasted…We have numerous press clippings in the office referring to her as ‘The Body.’ Everything from Harper’s Bazaar to Vogue to the recent Sports Illustrated calls her that. In terms of public record, that name belongs to Elle.”

In Heidi’s defense, this was 1986, so I’m sure she probably just assumed you really didn’t believe that anymore. It was twenty years ago. A lot has changed since then. Specifically, Heidi’s boobs and ass. So really, the only real way to settle this is for both of you to get naked and have sex with each other on TV and let the American people vote. You may want to take your time, because I can only vote a few times in one night before I start to get really sleepy.

Elle MacPherson Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Winter 2006:

Heidi Klum:



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