Jenna Loves Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro and Jenna Jameson are now a couple. Yes, Jenna is married, but she reportedly left her husband not long before she started dating Navarro who recently split from Carmen Electra. Via Star magazine:

Jackie Markham [Jenna’s rep] exclusively tells Star, the first publication to get official confirmation of the super-steamy relationship. “It is true that they are dating,” she tells Star. “She and her husband [and business partner Jay Grdina] split recently. They are separated and its amicable. Markham adds, “They were introduced originally through Neil Strauss, who was Jenna’s co-writer on her [2004] book [How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale]. They met again in June at Erotica LA.” Navarro, 39, and Jameson, 32, hosted Erotica LA, billed as an “annual festival of sexuality” from June 23-25 in Los Angeles. Jenna and her Club Jenna Girls made daily appearances at the three-day event, and Dave and his Camp Freddy band performed a concert. As for Strauss, he was also the co-writer on Navarro’s book, Don’t Try This At Home: A Year In The Life of Dave Navarro, published in the fall of 2004, shortly after Jenna’s book, and by the same publisher, Regan Books.”

So, it’s just one big incestuous type orgy-thing which has come full circle. Such is the world of porn and rock and roll. The sad part is, somewhere out there is a heartbroken Tommy Lee huddled in a corner, sucking his thumb, cursing Jenna Jameson and wondering where he went wrong with Dave.

Here’s Jenna last month. Her areola is peeking out of her top in most of them, so they’re probably NSFW:

Source: Kate and Star Magazine via email


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