Chevy Chase is a Funny Guy

Chevy Chase was quoted recently making fun of Vince Vaughn when he saw a commercial for Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston’s movie, The Break-up. He said:

Recently, I saw a commercial with, is it Nicole Kidman? No, no – Jennifer What’s Her Name? from ‘Friends,’ ” Chase tells Details. “And some guy. I had never seen him. I don’t know who the [bleep] he is. He looks like some refrigerator repairman.”

Normally this is where I’d stop and make fun of Chevy Chase, who I could have sworn was shot dead back in the 1990s by someone who hated “Vegas Vacation” as much as I did … because I haven’t seen him since then, but I really like this quote from him about his daughter which was pulled from the same article.

My youngest, who’s 17, seems to be identical to the way I was in my perception of the world,” he told Details. “I mean, I can remember the first time I called her a whore. We just laughed for half an hour. Because she’s anything but. But she gets it immediately and laughs. I’d call her every day down at school; she might pick up and say, ‘Whoretown!’ She said something the other day like, ‘Dad, how much should I charge?'”

His daughter and I have a lot in common except I really am a whore and I answer the phones here at “Whoretown.” But I never ask my dad how much I should charge. He pays premium price just like the rest of them.

Jennifer Aniston last month on “Le Grand Journal”:


Thanks to Amanda (who may or may not also be a whore) for the tip!


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