April Scott is Daisy Duke

It was widely believed that Laguna Beach slut Kristin Cavallari would be cast as a young Daisy Duke in the upcoming Dukes of Hazzard 2 instead of Jessica Simpson. Simpson is still upset about Kristin’s two minute fling with Nick Lachey, so she did not want any other comparisons between the two except that of an untalented and fabricated reality star. Good news for us, neither have been cast. Maxim model and ‘Deal or No Deal’ model/whatever/nobody watches that show anyway, April Scott has been tabbed by producers for the direct-to-video production. I have no idea who April Scott is, but since Daisy Duke is the celluloid equivalent of parsley, she’s as good a choice as any I guess. She looks like a young Vanessa Angel, and in most countries that means if you see her walk by you can legally drop your pants and start masturbating.



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