Benji Madden is Hardcore

Good Charlotte punk(?), Benji Madden, on break from making crappy music, got into a brawl with an obnoxious clubgoer at Don Hill’s in TriBeca on Saturday night. Page Six reports:

We’re told that the scrum started when the guy grabbed Madden’s hat. Madden wrestled him to the floor and started “punching the [bleep] out of him,” our tipster says. After the clubgoer grabbed Madden’s necklace, a security guard jumped in and put a choke hold on the instigator, who was ultimately kicked out. Reps for Madden and for Don Hill’s did not return calls.

I’m sure there are worse things that could cause you never to get laid again other than having your ass kicked by a guy named Benji in a band so punk that his brother/bandmate dates Hilary Duff, but unless this guy has to register every time he leaves the state or doesn’t have a penis, he might as well go ahead and hang himself.

I refuse to look for Benji pictures, unless it’s the dog from those movies, so here’s his brother, Joel, with these other hardcore punks.