John Travolta and Kelly Preston Are Crazy, Too

John Travolta and Kelly Preston may be denying their 14 year old son, Jett, proper treatment for what is believed to be autism because of their staunch belief in Scientology. The couple have publicly said that Jett suffers from Kawasaki syndrome (found most commonly in Japanese kids under the age of 5, seriously) which was caused by “environmental toxins,” specifically carpet cleaning chemicals. On an appearance on the Montel Williams show three years ago, Preston claimed that Jett was better but still had “lots of allergies” after being placed on a detox regimen based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. However, others believe the child is autistic, and according to reports, the diagnosis has been corroborated by “no less than five sources.” While other stars with autistic children, such as Sylvester Stallone and Dan Marino, have long been champions of research, Travolta and Preston have allegedly not sought treatment because Jett would have to go to a psychiatrist and autism is generally treated with antidepressant and antipsychotic medications.

How much more do we need to learn about Scientology before the FBI burns their compound to the ground? The only thing we can positively say for sure about Scientology at this point is that it’s bat-shit insane and it apparently hates kids. If I was a child, I’d rather take my chances with Britney and K-Fed. They might not be able to spell “hospital” and I might wake up in the dishwasher, but at least I know that when I start having seizures, I’ll have six days before they realize I’m not breakdancing and call a damn doctor.

Kelly Preston at the CMT Awards on April 10th:

Remember Mischief? (NSFW)