Colin Farrell Avoids the Law

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge reprimanded Colin Farrell for eluding his sex tape depostition. Farrell is the plaintiff in the case and is suing Nicole Narain (his co-star on the tape) and for releasing the tape to the public.

Farrell had previously offered an array of excuses for being unavailable for deposition. Attorneys for Farrell said this morning that the actor would not be available until May, and suggested that it should be conducted in Farrell’s home country of Ireland, or on location with his current film crew in New York. With the trial date quickly approaching on July 17, Judge Berle ruled that Farrell’s refusal to appear before May was totally unacceptable. He ordered the actor to be available for deposition within 20 days, adding that if Farrell wanted the deposition to take place in New York that he must assume the expenses of bringing everybody to him.”

You know, all of this could have been easily avoided if Colin had banged me instead. He could tape it, not tape it, tuck it under his pillow, broadcast it live via satellite, I don’t care. Frankly, I don’t get why Nicole Narain wants to share that tape with everyone. Colin would have gotten better head if he stayed home alone with that cat and a jar of peanut butter. By the way, Colin, if you’re ever driving through my neighborhood and want to know why all the chrome is missing from everyone’s trailer hitches, you know who to call.

Colin on the set of Pride and Glory:

And more Colin pictures for my own … uh … reasons:

Tip thanks to Melody via email/press release.