Naomi Campbell Thinks She’s Russell Crowe

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Naomi Campbell is in trouble for, yet again, beating the crap out of someone masochistic enough to work for her. This time, TMZ reports she was arrested for throwing her cell phone at her housekeeper.

The incident occurred at 8:00 AM EST. Edison Alban, spokesperson for the Manhattan DA, tells TMZ that Naomi threw a cell phone at Scolavino, striking her in the head. Scolavino was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital. We’re told it took four staples to close the wound. A police source says that Campbell will be charged with one count of second degree assault. If convicted, Campbell could face up to seven years in prison.

If I was the judge, I would not only throw the book at her, I would throw my gavel, my shoe, my chair, her chair and the ashtray outside the courthouse at her. TMZ has video of Naomi getting bailed out of jail yesterday. Not on the video is me force feeding her a cell phone, and making a call via her boney ass. Sorry you missed it, for it was so chic. Tyra Banks says hi, by the way.