Randy Quaid Got Bent Over Brokeback

TMZ reports that Randy Quaid has filed a lawsuit against the producers of Brokeback Mountain claiming they falsely represented the film as a “a low-budget, art house film,” and the movie had “no prospect of making any money.” Brokeback Mountain has grossed $160 million worldwide. Quaid claims when he met with Ang Lee in 2004, he was offered the role of Joe Aguirre and the director told him, “We can’t pay anything, we have very little money, everyone is making a sacrifice to make this film.” Quaid is suing for $10 million plus punitive damages because he was victim of “a ‘movie laundering’ scheme designed to obtain the services of talent such as Randy Quaid on economically unfavorable art film terms…”

Okay, so say you’re a producer and you get a pitch about a forbidden love between two gay cowboys in 1963. They also happen to have sex in a tent. They also want to cast a closeted homosexual actor, two B-list actresses, and hire the man who made Hulk to direct. Do you even let them finish talking before you start masturbating and signing that blank check? Really, why wouldn’t Randy Quaid sue? It was obvious to everybody involved that this was going to be the next Titanic. Or better yet, Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure.

Randy Quaid wore this to the premiere of Monster in Law:

“Jake Gyllenhaal bumps into a friend March 21st in Beverly Hills”: