Kimberly Stewart is Disgusting

Rod Stewart’s daughter, Paris Hilton’s best friend and full time hideous monster, Kimberly Stewart, showed up at the W magazine Oscar Hollywood retreat house for a spa treatment. When she sat down for a pedicure and took off her shoes, her feet smelled so bad the pedicurist would not do her pedicure. A witness says,

…her feet stunk so fucking bad that the pedicurist refused to do her toes . . . or anybody else’s for the rest of the day.”

Kimberly Stewart is so offensive, just looking at her makes me want to call the cops and have her arrested for assault and battery on my eyes. In fact, it should be a felony to create human beings like this. Rod Stewart should be serving prison time. And this goes for whether she was born from a human, or was hatched. I’m pretty sure she was hatched. Either way, Rod “Dr. Moreau” Stewart should not let his lab experiments leave the island.

I wonder if pedicurists charge her extra for doing her extra toes.