Looks Like Britney is Pregnant Again

As much as I’d love to continue calling her a stumpy gutpacker, it appears as though there’s new reason for Britney Spears’ ever increasing waistline. She’s a pregnant, stumpy gutpacker. Various reports from the wire, including Star Magazine and NY Daily News, are claiming Britney’s been running around Hawaii, chomping on her gum, sucking on her Starbucks and yapping loudly about expecting another baby. Yes, my friends, apparently Federsperm has struck again and there will be yet another Federspawn coming soon. Of course this won’t make things harder for Britney since the nanny does all the work. Britney makes really smart choices. She’s like the people who play “beat the train” by crossing the tracks despite those red flashy lights, road blocks and loud alarms ringing. In this case the warnings come in the form of a white guy with cornrows, two other kids and PopoZao.

Britney in Hawaii over the weekend. They do make bras in her size, right?

I couldn’t help but notice the scars under Britney’s boobs in those pictures, so I cropped them and zoomed in on them. Mmm hmm.

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