Hilary Swank Does it For the Dogs

Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe are officially back together, not because they realize they are soulmates, but because they couldn’t decide how to divide their large collection of pets. The couple owns parrots, dogs, a cat and a rabbit

A family source says, “Hilary and Chad realized how much they loved each other when they spent time together with their pets. … They are one big happy family and don’t want to break it up.”

I guess a cute pets story is a better way of saying Hilary found Chad in the garage sucking on exhaust and listening to Tori Amos, so I wish the happy couple the best of luck. Things will be better now that Chad realizes that after Hilary finishes nailing him with her strap-on, he can only request to be held and to cry for no longer than ten minutes.

Hilary at the 43rd Annual Publicist Awards on March 1st:

And Hilary looks pretty hot here, so they’re going up just because: