Lindsay Lohan is a Class Act

Lindsay Lohan has three signature moves when posing for cameras – the stupid blowing kisses pose, the more stupid flashing a peace sign pose and the one she apparently likes the most which is the hardcore, nonconformist tough girl flipping off the camera pose. Gosh, I’m having such a hard time choosing which one I like best. Lemme think about it, okay, I choose none. I have failed again in my quest to be cooler than Lindsay Lohan, so if you’ll excuse me, there’s a bowl of Corn Flakes here waiting for my tears.

Hey, nice bong, girls.

Note: Many people are claming this photo featuring yet another Lohan peace sign flashing also features a fat line of coke on the table behind Lindsay. As much as I can’t stand the girl, I don’t agree. I think it looks very much like a silver Zippo lighter sitting on its side reflecting light, possibly from the camera flash. Either that or it’s the Loch Ness monster. I haven’t decided.

Picture credit thanks to Nate via email.

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