Angelina Jolie Hugs It Out

Angelina Jolie made a startling discovery while unpacking in her and Brad’s new house – his little black book. And I don’t mean a euphemism for an item that contains chick’s numbers, but an actual black book. The book was so old that is predated Brad’s relationship with Aniston from back when all of L.A. had a 213 area code. The report goes on to say that Angelina was a bit upset, and when Brad returned from a trip she told him that she had “found some of his bimbos’ numbers.” According to an insider, Brad “grabbed her and held her in a long embrace and told her he couldn’t believe that she was the jealous type.” A few days later, Angelina surprised Brad with a Blackberry with a note that said: “Call me sometime ‘Big Boy’, A.”

I personally don’t think Angelina was jealous. She’s six months pregnant. In my experience, pregnant women are a walking hormone, so I’ll give her a pass. But see, this is the very reason Brad is with Angelina. She’s cool. Because she knows, and he for damn sure knows, that now that he is with her, the names in this book are completely useless and unnecessary. Kinda like an episode of Friends.

Angelina and Maddox yesterday (March 1st):