Kelly Brook is Confusing

Kelly Brook told Britain’s Weekend magazine that she is tired of being judged by her looks alone. Brook is due to marry actor Billy Zane later this year, and is trying to secure legitimate television and film roles.

I was told glamour modelling was all I could do. If I turn up at a bash and photographers are screaming at me to take my jacket off, I won’t. I don’t want to play that game anymore. I’ll hang onto her (naked Kelly Brook) in case I need her, but now I’m ready to be me.”

For a girl who would take off all her clothes if you let her cut in line at the grocery store, Kelly sure is confusing lately. It’s like when you finally get the school slut naked in her dorm room, and then all she wants to do is read poems from her diary or talk about her dog’s dreams. She may also laugh at you when you start crying and begging. Then she might call her friends and tell them you wear Shirt Tales Underoos. This is all just hypothetical of course, because you know, that never happened to me. I’m a stud.