Beyonce Knowles is Evil

Beyonce Knowles is under attack from animal rights activists because her label, Dereon, started selling clothes made of rabbit and chinchilla fur, and teddy bears made of mink. Knowles has been inundated with hate mail and activists have threatened to leave carcasses outside of her house. This will make the second time Beyonce has come under fire from animal welfare groups. She was included in a group of celebrities who were blasted by PETA for wearing Canadian Mukluk boots, which are made of rabbit fur. The organization’s spokesman said:

The rabbits are sourced from Asia and crammed into small, wire boxes before being electrocuted or strangled. Many are skinned alive. As far as we can see, this kind of treatment is what celebrities – those who don’t give a damn – are supporting. Fake fur looks every bit as good.”

Wearing real fur seems a bit sarcastic and unnecessary, like sending a monkey into space. A monkey wants to throw feces at you, not unlock the secrets of the universe. Besides, if women want to waste money that badly, they should do the honorable thing and get breast implants instead. If any of you ladies are against that, just think of the thousands of animals that you will be saving. Come on, do the right thing. It would really make us both feel better. That, and you sending me naked pictures of yourself. Because at the end of the day, it’s good to know that you have made a difference in this crazy world.