Justin Timberlake is Waking Up

TMZ is reporting that Cameron Diaz is afraid she might lose her boy toy, Justin Timberlake. On the set of Black Snake Moan, several people noticed Timberlake and co-star Christina Ricci “bonding” in a big way. Ricci allegedly hung out with Justin’s mom, Lynn. The two were spotted shopping and cooking meals together. Ricci has told friends that she has more in common with Justin than Cameron does.

Well of course Cameron is worried. Justin Timberlake is 25 and looks like he was carved out of marble. Cameron Diaz is 33 and looks like she lives under a bridge and eats children. She’s also an idiot. On the other hand, Christina Ricci is 26 and insanely cute. And next to Winona Ryder, she has the most underappreciated rack in Hollywood. You don’t need a penis to see where this one is going.


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