CaCee Cobb is Busy

US Weekly’s Tyler Gray is reporting that merely two days after CaCee Cobb was seen hooking up with Nick Lachey at the L.A. nightclub Level 3, CaCee was seen performing a seductive dance with BFF Jessica Simpson for Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine.

Two years ago at an office Christmas party, a married and very drunk friend of my girlfriend at the time came up to us and put her hand down my girlfriend’s shirt. I was far too drunk and hopeful to raise any type of objection, but my girlfriend laughed, pulled away, and pretended like nothing happened. Then, the chick realizing what she had done, whispered, “Oh my god, please don’t tell Angela!” Angela was her bisexual secretary. My point is, CaCee may be Jessica’s “Angela”. She seems far to comfortable with Nick and Jessica for this to be just a happy coincidence. Having a personal assistant must be cool no matter what, especially when her face ends up looking like a glazed doughnut every time she helps you put on your Jimmy Choos.

Jessica on February 6th: