Tom Brady is Single, Ladies

Spies tell Page Six that Tom Brady was “acting very single – going out to the parties and hitting on a lot of women” in Detroit over the weekend. This is sparking rumor that the quarterback’s two-year relationship with actress/model Bridget Moynahan is over.

I only know who Bridget Moynahan is because I was forced to sit through I, Robot. She’s breathtakingly beautiful, but she’s a bit sterile and boring looking, like she should be in a museum, not a bedroom. On the other hand, every chick I know thinks Tom Brady is the most gorgeous man alive. At the young age of 28, Brady has three Super Bowl rings, two Super Bowl MVP’s, a 10-1 record in the playoffs and will be Hall of Fame bound when he retires. Honestly, do you really need any game after that? He should be able to walk into any bar in the world, unzip his pants, and point to where he wants the line to start.