Lee Tamahori is Done

TMZ is reporting that Lee Tamahori, director of such films as Die Another Day, The Edge, and Along Came a Spider, was arrested and charged with prostitution and unlawfully loitering with the intent to commit prostitution on January 8th. According to Hollywood law enforcement, Tamahori was allegedly dressed in drag, approached an undercover officer who was in his car, entered the vehicle and offered to perform a sex act for money.

Yikes. Somebody’s publicist needs an “easy” button, because there really is no way to sugar coat this. But, this is Hollywood after all, so his memoir will make millions because Oprah decided the world needed to hear his inspiring story about how daddy didn’t love him which is why he tortured animals and put eyeliner on his G.I. Joes.

Oh, if you want, you can read the full misdemeanor complaint here. You know you want to. All the other kids are doing it, you wanna be cool don’t you?

And since Halle Berry was in Die Another Day, here she is last month on the set of her new movie, Perfect Stranger: