Keifer Sutherland is Always Drunk

Keifer Sutherland, star of the great 24, shocked employees of the Ye Rustic Inn in California when he entered with a group of rowdy friends demanding to start a tab at 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning. When presented with the bill, Sutherland claimed that his wallet had been stolen and he told the staff, “I promise I’ll come back and pay.” Then, according to witnesses, he proceeded to do a series of karate kicks in the middle of the floor. A fan of the actor agreed to buy him several rounds of J&B on the rocks, and after devouring a plate of chicken wings and throwing the bones on the floor, Sutherland left without tipping.

It seems that all you hear lately is “Keifer + alcohol = drunken ass” stories, but it’s tales such as this which make me proud to be an American. Because if an actor can’t get drunk first thing in the morning and bury prostitutes in his backyard, then the terrorists have already won. Some people may argue that I’m pushing my own agenda here, but these freedoms that we take for granted don’t come easy. Some prostitutes have a really hard grip.

Source: Page Six


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