Kelly Brook is Too Naked For Disney

British beauty Kelly Brook regrets becoming a topless model and says she only did it to succeed as an actress. Engaged to actor Billy Zane, Brook tried and failed to become an actress in her late teens and started modeling to “pay the bills”. She tells Britain’s Saturday Times:

I would have loved to have stepped straight out of school into a Disney movie. That wasn’t my path, for whatever reason. Topless modelling ultimately makes becoming an actress harder, it doesn’t really serve. But it’s a short cut. It pays your bills. You get exposure. It gets you in the door.”

Kelly Brook is one of the hottest women on the entire planet, and I’m here to tell her that she would never translate well in a Disney movie. Why? Because her body was made to be naked. To be more specific, naked all the time. Which is one of the reasons I don’t understand the whole Billy Zane thing. Sure, he looked like a young Marlon Brando about ten years and thirty pounds ago, but please explain to me what he has done to deserve to roll off this every night. And please don’t say Titanic. A totem pole in a tuxedo could have played his part and we would have never noticed.

Brook and Zane at the premiere of Bloodrayne on January 4th: