Willa Holland is a Very Bad Girl

Willa Holland is the step-daughter of director Brian De Palma which was likely a contributing factor when she scored the role this season as “Kaitlin Cooper” on FOX’s The O.C. From WillaHolland.com:

She can be sweet as a little girl, but also dangerous and much more self-possessed than her age would suggest.”

IMDb says Willa is only 14 years old. Admittedly, I don’t watch The O.C. because that would cut into my time of switching back and forth between porn and C-SPAN (don’t ask), so I had no idea who this girl was until last night. Thankfully, ever-so awesome reader, Sarah, was cool enough to send me these screencaps of messages young Willa has left for her friends in various places on MySpace.com and a picture from her profile which has since been “set to private.” As you can see from the messages, 14 year old Willa has an extensive vocabulary and a firm grasp of the English language … not to mention a firm grasp of a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out her boyfriend’s band’s MySpace profile. If you scroll down to their comments area there are pictures of Willa, her friend and the band’s signatures all over the girls’ 14 year old breasts. When the aspiring Banger Sister isn’t boozing it up and racial slurring all over MySpace.com, you’ll likely find her taking classes at the prestigious “St. Tara Reid School of the Holy Slutty Drunken Mess” where I hear she has straight A’s in all of her classes.

Update: Homer sent in this link to Willa’s boyfriend’s MySpace profile where Willa has marked her territory several times.

Even juicier update: Katina and Anika from Live Journal (ohnotheydidnt) emailed me to let me know these screencaps were just a small part of a large investigation their out for blood detectives conducted yesterday here: ohnotheydidnt. The link also includes screencaps of email exchanges between Katina and FOX executives where they vehemently deny this girl is Willa.

I guess the FOX people overlooked the part where she calls herself Willa …

Read all about it here.
Thanks, Katina and Anika!