K-Fed Will Hang Up on Yo’ Ass

Try not to be too jealous, but Kevin Federline is one of my “friends” on MySpace. As of today, he only has 20,426 friends, so it’s not like he gives them out to just anyone. Since I’m so tight with K-Fed, I’d like to inform all y’all that homeboy isn’t down with people callin’ him “K-Fed”. SOHH.com‘s interview with K-Fed was cut short recently when they disrespected my homie.

On Thursday (January 12), SOHH.com briefly interviewed Federline about “PopoZao,” his debut single, and forthcoming untitled album. After the interviewer called Federline “K-Fed” several times, the Fresno, California native had apparently had enough. “I don’t like K-Fed,” said Federline when asked what artists he didn’t like. “Why don’t you like K-Fed?” replied the SOHH.com interviewer. Federline’s response… a telephone dial tone.”

You showed them, K-Fed. Let it be known K-Fed ain’t got no time for sass. I’m sure Jay-Z, Ice Cube and Ghostface Killah are trembling in their Timberlands now that a dude with a name as hard core as “Kevin Federline” is about to take the rap world by storm. Off topic, I’d really like to know how K-Fed still manages to get Little K-Fed to inflate when Mrs. K-Fed is turning into this bloated puss-ball we see below from her trip to Las Vegas earlier this month. I’d say Little K-Fed is more talented than Big Douche K-Fed, but what I really mean is Little K-Fed is less untalented and slightly less smelly.