The Hilton Sisters are Sorry

Paris and Nicky Hilton tried to get Paris’ 19 year old boyfriend and his fake ID into Pure nightclub at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. When the club’s security refused to allow Stavros Niarchos (“Starving Nachos”) into the club, Paris and Nicky made what witnesses describe as “a loud and stormy exit” where they berated the staff and made quite a scene. Today the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that a club excecutive at Pure confirmed Paris and Nicky have apologized to the management for the way they behaved. We hear stories all the time about these ‘roided up, no-neck bouncers hauling off and beating the crap out of bar patrons. I think the Hilton sisters could benefit from a few hard punches to the face. It might result in fixing Paris’ funky eye and would be a good excuse for Nicky to get that nose job she’s always needed. So, all you bouncers out there, please keep in mind next time the Hilton sisters mouth off to you what they really mean is, “Please kick my ass.” Since they’re so much wealthier, and hence better than us, they have a hard time speaking our language. I had to consult my “Rich Whore to English Dictionary” for the translation.