Sharon Stone is Too Scary

Hugh Dancy stars with Sharon Stone in destined to fail miserably Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction. Hugh is out promoting his new movie Blood and Chocolate, and commented that he preferred the scene in that movie in which he was attacked by a pack of wolves to his sex scene with Sharon Stone. He said,

“In one scene I had to lie on the floor with pieces of red meat about my person. Then they set a wolf pack on me. It wasn’t as scary as a love scene with Sharon.”

I doubt the guy was worried he was going to be stabbed to death with an ice pick. He’s an actor, so he knows that scene from the first movie didn’t happen in real life. But he is working with Sharon Stone and not only is she really scary looking from up close, she’s also a raging bitch whose ego alone can choke you to death in mere seconds. So this guy didn’t need to subject himself to an animal mauling to prove his manhood, accepting a role starring opposite Sharon Stone was brave enough and certainly more painful than wolves biting your genitals.