Hollywood is Chock Full of Imperfections

This is an excellent article about celebrities having a problem with HDTV because it’s doing a great job of unmasking pseudo-Hollywood “beauty”. No amount of make up is able to beat the magic that is HDTV and casting agents might be forced to *gasp* find real, attractive humans in order to make their television shows and movies less flawed in appearance.

“…camera angles, lighting and makeup help the stars to look as they do. Even celebrities are now complaining about the “reality” shown by HDTV – wrinkles and skin imperfections are even more visible with the newest technology.”… “For decades, the Hollywood glamour machine has been able to dictate who is considered beautiful and who is not. Using soft lighting in TV and movie appearances, and magazine photo shoots, Hollywood has been able to create the impression that some people are better looking than they really are. (Recent examples: Cameron Diaz and Britney Spears.) And that’s a big reason why that 12-year-old girl is feeling a little unworthy. When she looks at a photo of Ms. Spears in Seventeen Magazine, she has no idea that the singer’s pimples and puffy eyes have been airbrushed away with the latest in Photoshop software.”

To do that 12 year old girl a favor and better illustrate this article’s point, I am going to go ahead and post a few of my favorite Britney Spears candid pictures. I was going to add some Cameron Diaz, but by the time I was done sifting through the hundreds of unsavory Britney pictures I’ve collected over the years, I didn’t have the time or the stomach to add Cameron. Hers are worse than these Britney pictures. I realize that’s hard to believe, but you’re just going to have to take my word on that.


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