Sienna Miller and Jude Law Are Vocal

Sienna Miller and Jude Law have been running around with wax lipped smiles claiming their relationship is better than ever, but Page Six is reporting these two are publicly hating each other.

The two went to dinner Monday night at Freeman’s on the Lower East Side and, according to a witness, “got into a heated argument in front of everyone. It was so bad that Sienna was brought to tears and stormed outside to catch her breath and have a ciggie.” The bickering didn’t end there. After the couple had lunch at Balthazar yesterday, they got into another tiff. Our corner mouse says: “They were fighting on the corner of Spring and Broadway, [screaming] [bleep] this and [bleep] that and [bleep]hole and bitch . . . Jude got so [bleep]ed off, he told her one last time to [bleep] off and then he stormed off. He left poor Sienna standing on the corner in the rain waiting for him to turn back around, but he did not.” Miller ended up going back to Balthazar to get out of the rain.”

Wow. It’s one thing to use filthy words like the “F” word, but “bleep” is super harsh. It’s not nearly as offensive as Sienna Miller’s wardrobe. I love M.C. Escher, but I think he might be a little pissed off that his work turned into that oversized shirt/dress/crap. Sienna Miller’s taste in clothes is enough to make me [bleeping] scream, so I understand why Jude Law wants to [bleep] other people.