Christina Aguilera is Mrs. Bratman

Christina Aguilera is now a married woman. She exchanged vows with Jordan Bratman on Saturday in what most people are describing as a surprisingly tasteful and elegant ceremony considering the bride was “Xtina”.

Aguilera wore a Christian Lacroix gown, and the pair exchanged wedding bands designed by London jeweller Stephen Webster, who also styled Aguilera’s engagement ring. Meanwhile, the three bridesmaids wore dresses designed by Stevie Wonder’s’s wife Kai Milla. Sources at the wedding claim Aguilera walked down the aisle with her hair decorated with jewels and white flowers, in front of 130 guests, which included family and celebrity friends including Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz and the singer’s longtime manager Irving Azoff, who initially introduced the couple.

Christina has a great sense of humor for having invited Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz to this antithesis of the Spears/Federline “Pimps and Maids” ceremony. It would have been even funnier if Christina made sure Diaz caught the bouquet, and then Christina punched Cameron in the mouth because Cameron is so punchable. Most people seem to have the opinion that Jordan Bratman is not the most attractive guy in the world. When I see Christina and Jordan I’m always reminded of my friend, Rachel, who says, “I make it a point to only date ugly guys because they try harder.” I’m guessing Jordan tries pretty hard and also did a pretty good job on their wedding night as evidenced in these pictures from the day after the wedding.

There are no photos of the ceremony online yet, and as I reported last month, Christina and Jordan sold the exclusive rights to their wedding photos to People magazine.

Update: The pictures are in OK magazine and I’ll post those scans when decent ones are available.