Kate Moss is Sniffing Out Acting Roles

The Sun Online is reporting that Kate Moss wants to quit modeling to become an actress.

The 31 year old beauty recently in rehab for cocaine addiction told pals she plans to reinvent herself. She is now deciding which acting course to take, and is asking her film star friends for advice. A pal said: “The month in the rehab centre gave her plenty of chance to think things over. “She is aware that her modelling career cannot last forever. She believes that with some coaching she could do well in films.”

I’m sure there are at least one or two hundred “token drug addict” parts just waiting to be cast in movies set to be released within the next year. Judging from these pictures taken of her a couple days ago they could save a lot of money on hair and make up if they just leave her in ‘as is’ condition and throw her into a part. She dated one of the most talented actors alive, Johnny Depp, so if some of his talent rubbed off then she actually has a chance. Her acting skills couldn’t be any worse than Britney Spears’. Parrots are better actors (and singers) than Britney Spears. Dead parrots are even better though. They’re just more passionate about their characters. So much so that they’d die for them.