Colin Farrell Kisses Boys

Pictured here is Colin Farrell out having drinks with some people I don’t know and sucking face with famous soccer player, Diego Maradona. I don’t live in Europe, but I hear it’s customary in certain parts for straight guys to kiss on the lips when they greet eachother without people screaming “Homo!” at them, which is pretty cool. However, from what I understand, these innocent greetings don’t normally involve sucking on the upper lip of the other guy and stroking his face. I’m not gonna lie. That first picture actually turned me on a little, and that’s because Colin Farrell turns me on a lot. I know he probably stinks and his mouth tastes like the bottom of a garbage man’s boot because he has a cigarette in it 23 out of 24 hours a day. I realize all of that, but my instincts are sharp like a panther’s, so I can tell that Colin would will be on my list I’m compiling of “The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had”. Plus, he had sex with Angelina Jolie, so that counts as bonus points on my list.

Note: I’m a little slow today, but I just noticed Colin is wearing Diego’s suit jacket in the first and second pictures. Mmmm hmmm.