Ashlee Simpson is a Drunken Fool

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Shelly and Sarah were kind enough to send me this link to video of Ashlee Simpson in a drunken stupor at a Toronto area McDonald’s on Wednesday. It’s irritating enough to watch her with her horse face, straw drag queen wig hair and ‘tardo emo Converse shoes crawling all over the counter, but we’re also forced to hear her wretched new music playing in the background. Somewhere in the slurs you’re able to make out her telling someone to fuck off for not kissing her foot. Ashlee also calls the McDonald’s employee a “bitch” and offers to bet her a condescending “5 million dollars” that the employee’s manager will be nice to her. It’s all completely annoying, gives everyone more reasons to want to kick her in the face and is here for your viewing pleasure.

Watch rip-roaring drunk Ashlee Simpson here

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