Rush knows Bono

[singlepic id=1 w=600 h= float=center] is reporting that Rush Limbaugh has intricate knowledge of U2’s frontman Bono’s sexual behavior.

While discussing a list of “ubersexuals” put out by an advertising agency, Limbaugh cited Pierce Brosnan, Jon Stewart, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Bono as making the list – and then said that the Irish rocker has a mistress.

When a caller on Limbaugh’s show asked what basis the host had for his accusation, he replied, “You people are just going to have to trust me on this.”

When I met Bono years ago, I didn’t catch a lecherous vibe from the guy, which I figured meant he was either gay, or not into middle school chicks. Either way, his beard (I mean wife) didn’t seem to mind much when he brought me back to their hotel room so he could get my opinion on which sequined cowboy hat and shiny shirt went best with his giant Jackie-O sunglasses. Then he gave me his autograph on a Liza Minnelli photo and sent me on my merry way.

Thanks to Bobby for the link.