Rose McGowan likes nursery rhymes

I boycotted the 5th Annual Taurus World Stunt Awards because I wasn’t nominated for “Most Graceful Falls Down Stairs While Drunk And Wearing Stilettos”. I’m not even sure that category exists, and to be honest, I wasn’t actually drunk every time it happened. However, I did manage to make it look sexy and made it through without any critical injuries. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s on surveillance video at several local Vegas casinos, so I think I’ve done enough at this point to qualify for my SAG card.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to brush up against Rose McGowan who was her usual hot, vixen self. I decided to throw in that third one because she looks like she’s getting ready to sing I’ma Little Teapot for the photogs which will hopefully be the only time these guys will be aroused while hearing that song.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was there, as was a fire breathing dragon with an aversion to handsome wrestlers.

It looks like Rosario Dawson was shopping at Home Depot and decided a green contractor clean up bag would be perfect for the awards show. There’s her boyfriend, Jason Lewis from Sex and the City, doing a very good job of stealing the attention from her trash bag couture.


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