Teri Hatcher is kind of a bitch

Page Six is reporting that Teri Hatcher was – once again – less then warm with her Desperate Housewives castmates at the Emmys Sunday night, especially after losing Best Comedic Actress to castmate Felicity Huffman. Says the New York Post:

Felicity wanted a picture with all of her co-stars,” said our spy, “and everyone [Eva Longoria, Nicolette Sheridan and Marcia Cross] took a picture with her but Teri, who refused.”

We have a saying down south, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and I’ll beat your ass”. My point (and Kurt Vonneguts in the book Mother Night) is that we are what we do every day. You’re defined by your actions, despite how wonderful you may think you are. Maybe she doesn’t wear coats made from puppy, but no one is a dickhead all the time. Like if a guy were to say “But I only kill when the moon is full”, well, that’s good enough. You hear these bitch rumors about Teri Hatcher all the time. Everyone in the cast seems to get along with one another except Hatcher. So, either everyone else in Hollywood had meetings in a volcano fortress and devised this finely honed and coordinated plot to make Hatcher look like a bitch, or she’s just kind of a bitch.

Wow, and I never even got to her gargoyle features or the absurdity of her being nominated as a Comedic Actress. Yikes.