Scott Baio joins Arrested Development

In what should be my first and last use ever for a Scott Baio icon, Scott Baio has been announced as the replacement for Henry Winkler as the Bluth family attorney on Arrested Development. Winkler is leaving for a more prominent role on a show called Out of Practice, and the most brilliantly layered and funny show on television does something brilliant and funny and layered by getting Chachi to replace the Fonz. This is just one of many ties to Happy Days of course, since Ron Howard is the executive producer and narrator.

It’s ironic that spellcheck recommends “bail” when you type “Baio”, since I have no idea where the hell they found Scott Baio. But considering he’s had Denise Richards, Nicole Eggert, Pamela Anderson and Heather Locklear all on their backs, he was more than likely torturing me by casually banging Marissa Miller or Krista Allen or my grandmother. Grammy, No! He’s just using you!

And now, a little somethin’ for the laaddiees….